Kraken-  This mythical beast of a routine that resembles an octopus consists of 8 stations set around a large circle, each with an exercise. PAX spread out across the stations, complete the specified exercise, then run the outside of the full circle past the station they just completed, to the next station (so a full circle + 1 cone). PAX continue around the circle. 20 reps should be completed for each exercise in the first round. Then 15 in round 2. Then 10 in round 3 and so forth as time allows.

Gave Disclaimer

Warm up- good mornings, arm circles, toy soldiers, Hootie took over for the Q since she was distracted & consistently bad at warmups 🙂

Had the PAX bring 2 sets of weights.  We took our first set held them above our head and walked fast to their destination for our work out- other parking lot.  Ran back grabbed 2nd set of weights walked fast while doing bicep curls, dropped our weight off at its destination.

Split up the Pax into groups of 2 people.  Everyone picked a starting exercise spot and begin the Kraken.



Weighted Deadlift & Upright row


Monkey Humpers

Push ups

Weighted squat and shoulder press



1st round 20 reps, 2nd round 15 reps.  Ran almost almost 2 miles= 1.94

Collected our weights traveled back to our parking lot for abs.

25 big girl sit ups

25 American hammers

20 Leg lifts

Held boat pose for 2+ minutes


Thanks for coming out on the first week of cold mornings!