Series of exercises to strengthen of knees-hips and ankles at the same time -Heard of via Teatree program called knee ability zero.. Trainer to basketball players – Ben Patrick



Vinaysa, toy soldiers, windmill, hip flexors, butt kickers, ½ kneeling open/close book

Backward walking x 5 minutes -ROKP reverse out knee pain (eventual use of pull sled.. He has done 100 miles of ROKP)-10 minutes/3 xweek for 2 years he has done



  1. TIBIALIS RAISE-lean back against wall at an angle, DF ankle with knee straight,  hold a top for 2 sec 25 reps.. Pause at bottom 2 sec. Change angle at wall to make harder/easier
  2. FLEXOR HALLUCIS LONGUS CALF RAISE (long muscle that flexes big toe) Lean forward hands against wall so calves on stretch and perform toe raise.. Adjust angle further from wall  to make harder and do ONE LEGGED if too easy. Do these because ANYFORCE NOT ABSORBED BY THE ANKLE IS ABSORBED BY THE KNEE. pause 2 sec at top 25 reps each leg. Helps stretch calf
  3. THE KOT (knees over toes calf raise) – works soleus muscle in calf. Face wall with knees bent/knees over toes ALOT but comfortable level .. perform 25 calf raises from this position keeping knees over toes 25 reps, 2 sec pause at top.. Perform one leg at a time if possible or do partial 1 leg then finish with both if you cant do 25 reps
  4. THe Patrick Step-use wall or table for balance assist. Reach inside leg forward in the air/touch heel to the ground slowly then slowly come back up.. Knees over the toes while doing.SHOULD NOT be painful to the knee PAIN is telling you something is wrong/burning muscle is GOOD. GOal  would be able to flex wb ankle as far as possible. 25 each side consecutively slowly. 
  5. Posterior step up onto parking curb 25 reps each.. Alternative
  6. ATG (a@# to grass) split squat (knees over toes but back knee off ground and upright torso with back toes flexed)- front foot elevation to modify and/or UE assist. Lower down slowly , pause at bottom and rise up without changing posture.. 5 SETS OF 5 ALTERNATING SIDES 25 each side total-only go as far as possible without pain in knee
  7. ELEPHANT WALK- Hands on ground as close to feet as possible, knees straight alternate between knees bent then extending on leg, for 30 each side.
  8. L sit.. Level 1 butt on floor alternate lifting leg for 2 sec , alternating sides (lean back easide, lean forward harder) for 60 total seconds. If too easy do the same but lifting your butt off the ground while doing 60 sec. Level three holding L sit position in air.
  9. Kneeling sit backs 25, Sit forwards with partner support 25 reps


CORE-30 each swimmers, heels to heaven, bicycle, hold plank /side plank/reverse plank 30 sec each (we ran out of time for this)


Hip, knee and ankle stretches-½ kneeling-quads and hip flexors, pigeon, SLR