Disclaimer + Warm-up 

Cupid Shuffle Plank Challenge

Play the song “Cupid Shuffle.” Hold plank for song intro. Once chorus starts do the following motions:

  • “To the right”=move right leg to elbow
  • “To the left”=move left leg to elbow
  • “Kick”=alternate kicking right and left feet
  • “Walk it by yourself”=mountain climbers

Continue the movements to the beat of the song while holding a plank position until the song ends (about 4 mins. total).

The Thang: 

Complete 25 reps of four exercises (100 reps total) in each group with a cardio exercise between.


25 banded squats

25 leg lifts-right

25 leg lifts-left

25 lateral band walk (length of mat)

Cardio: 25 jumping jacks


25 bicep curls-right

25 bicep curls-left

25 lateral pull down

25 planks with alternating row

Cardio: 25 skaters


25 fire hydrants-right

25 fire hydrants-left

25 clamshells-right

25 clamshells-left

Cardio: 25 jump ropes


25 American hammers

25 LBCs

25 Mountain Climbers

25 Ankle Biters

Cardio: 25 plank jacks

We completed the entire set once and then made it through legs and arms a second time before time was up.