We had a visitor today.  JEDI from FiaNation and FiAKC!!

Warm Up
Good Mornings
Knee pulls
Hip openers
Quad stretches
Inner thigh/shoulder stretch


The Thang:

Start at the fountain (leave mats there)

Jog to old library park
2x through with pickle run after each round
Side Planks with crunch 10 each side
Deep squats 20
Dry docks toe tap 20 HC

Jog to Center of town/bank
2x through, run around circle after each round
Box jump burpees on bench 10
Dips 20
Bulgarian Lunges (10 each way)

Jog back to fountain (grab mats)
2x through
Sumo Squats 10
Plank hold 15 seconds
Drunken mountain climbers slow 20 HC
SLOW Pushups (slow down, fast up 1st time, fast down, slow up 2nd time)

Legs up side to side
Frog leg pulses
Leg taps (top relaxed on grouind0
Bird Dogs (2second hold)
Super Women!! 8 at 5 count hold

COT: There’s no time limit on your membership at FiA.  Having bad times happens, just come on back, we’re here!!