Warm up 5 min:
•Jumping Jacks 8 each side 4, 2, 1, 1
Down the sidewalk:
•High knees
•Buck kickers
•Walk walk hamstring stretch walk walk hamstring stretch
•Walking toy soldiers
Stretch out arms and sideS
Work out 30 min 11 exercises
Lunges in 4 directions
(Forward, side, back, curtsy)
R leg lateral straight leg left
L leg
Touch your toes
Walk hands to plank
Reach R arm forward
Reach L arm forward
Walk hands to feet
 lift heels
Lower heels
Side bend, reach over (rainbow)
Crab reach (like table but with stretching your hand behind your hand). Put bands around thighs.
Lay on back feet behind butt
Knees out in
Bridge up down
Lay on back. Feet behind butt. Band around wrists? Chest press arms bent like goal post. Turn hands palms facing each other. Open arms straight to ground.
•Plank with band on calves. Step legs out and in one at a time.
•reclining straigh leg sit. Bands from feet to hands. Cheat pull
Side plank being right arm straight up with band
Left side plank with arm straight up
Low Lunge with hands on ground. Place foot on band. Row. Plank. Lunge other side. Row.
2 Bands on claves & forearms
Lay on belly
Swim arms down legs open
Arms up legs closed
abs 5 min
•dance abs: 8 then 4 knees bent, lift bent knees, straight legs, v, reverse
•v beat beat v beat beat
•on elbows repeat v beat beat
•Bicycle with band on feet
•Bicycle with straight lega
•sit legs out. Lay back. Sit up while brining arms straight up over head
Cool down stretching 5 min
Name orama