Warm up: Toy soldiers,Inch worms, into runner’s stretch/circle arm, OH claps, JJ IC, arm circles/phelps, walk the pickle

The Thang:

Divide into two groups

Group 1 STAY TOGETHER – Walk around pickle holding their weights stopping half way:

Each person completes (rotate when you’re done)

  • 10 squats with 10# ruck sack 
  • 10 overhead presses w/ 20# plate
  • 10 Ball slams
  • kettlebell swings while you wait 

Continue walking w/ weights back to start

While group 1 is walking:

Group 2 is completing the exercise until Group 1 is back, then swap groups and repeat. When Group 1 gets halfway, Group 2 take a break and do 10 JJ the continue w/ reps

Kneeling Hammer curls

DB knee slams (press one weight overhead, bring down as you lift knee up)

Plank Renegade Row + Drunken Mtn Climber

Even after reducing the reps, we had such a large group, that we only got thru 3 rounds (planned 10!). 

We circled up and completed 1 min rounds to finish out:

Glute Bridge March w/ skull crusher, Narwhal w/ leg raise

Name O Rama


SAD has 3 letters, but so does JOY

FALL has 4 letters but so does RISE

CURSE has 5 letters but so does BLESS

IGNORE has 6 letters but so does LISTEN

ENEMIES has 7 letters but so does FRIENDS

IMMATURE has 8 letters but so does MATURITY

IGNORANCE has 9 letters but so does KNOWLEDGE
NEGATIVITY has 10 letters but so does POSITIVITY

You have 2 realities to choose from. It’s up to you to decide which one you want to live – there’s always another side of the coin ~ Mel Robbins