After the disclaimer and a short talk about Q school, it was decided to talk about the  Q responsibilities during our workout.  I pretty much talked for the entire 45 minutes – whether it was about the next exercise,  giving tips on how to have the best form on each exercise or about being a Q.  Hopefully it made the workout go fast—-or else maybe you were bored to death with my chatting..  Either way – I am sure you are glad you got your Monday workout in and sweat the toxins out of the body!!

Warmup –

  •    Slow butt kickers, Fast Butt kicker , quad stretch
  • Knee lifts, High knees, hip openers
  • Jumping Jacks
  •  forward and backward arm circles
  • good mornings / hip hinge with phelps arms

The Thang:

3 circuits ( cardio /weighted lower body/ weighted core)  45 sec on -15 rest  – 2x


  1. 2 weighted squats/inchworm/2 MC
  2. Burpee /jump right and left  –   burpee/ jump left  and right
  3. Plank walk length of mat / 2 plank jacks
  4. Prisoner walk with squat jump
  5. Surfer Jump
  6. Knee up on bench / step back to push up on bench  ( same knee each time)

Weighted Lower body (right leg for all exercises – 2nd round left)

  1. Bulgarian Squat
  2. Pistol Squat ( one weight chest level)
  3. See saw Lunge  ( front and reverse lunge with knee hold in the middle)
  4. 80/20 RDL
  5. Lateral Lunge with Knee hold
  6. Single Leg Bridge

Weighted Core

  1. American Hammer
  2. Legs up – reach toes
  3. Straight leg Full sit up
  4. Side bends
  5. Halo
  6. Woodchopper

During our last Core round, we got to meet and name our new FNG  Claudia.  Welcome Gesundheit!

announcements –

  • There will be 2 more Q schools this week after the workouts-  Thursday at Hunter Games and Saturday at MoneyPenny!
  •  Fialanthrophy this month is Foster care.  Look out for Zeppelins posts on Slack.
  • Please take a look at the Q sign up sheets as there are openings available this Summer
  • Pandora turns 50 on Wednesday!  Join us at Vicious Fishes  at 6pm to give her some Respect!