I had planned a Ring of Fire but improvised since there were just two of us.

warm-up – the norm

The Thang: 1 min exercise; 15 sec break, 30 sec of next exercise, 15 sec break

Weights of choice

  1. Tricep Kick Backs; Overhead press
  2. RDL’s; wood chops (L)
  3. RDL’s; wood chops (R)
  4. Lunge pule (L); suat jumps
  5. Lunge pulse (R), monkey humpers
  6. Hallelujahs; Mountain Climbers
  7. Bicep curls; push-ups
  8. Plie Squat; Froggers
  9. bent over rows; front arm raises
  10. Skaters; squats
  11. calf raises; jumping jacks
  12. Plank hold; burpees
  13. 6 inches; BGSU
  14. Bridge hold; Bridge kicks
  15. Heels to heaven; bicycles