Warm up: Toy soldiers/windmills, inchworms/runner stretch, arm circles, phelps & run the pickle 

The Thang:

20 exercises 23 reps Before starting next set run the pickle + group “Happy Jacks” (5 Jumping Jacks in cadence followed by 2 Jump Squats, while yelling “Happy” at the top of the Jump Squats.)

  1. OH Press
  2. Weighted Squats
  3. American Hammers
  4. Bicep Curls
  5. Deadlifts

Run the pickle + Happy Jacks

  1. Tricep kickbacks
  2. Weighted crunch/legs in air
  3. RDL L
  4. RDL R
  5. Lateral raise

Run the pickle + Happy Jacks

  1. Sparky Crabs
  2. Monkey Humpers
  3. Blast off push ups
  4. Skater to single leg jump EC
  5. Weighted Calf raises

Run the pickle + Happy Jacks

  1. Donkey Kicks L
  2. Donkey Kicks R
  3. Weighted Glute bridge march HC
  4. Fire hydrants L
  5. Fire hydrants R

Run the pickle + Happy Jacks

Abs: Pax choice 23 reps

COT: “Of all the things that might lead to transformation, proximity tops the list. What we draw near to is what will change us”  ~ emily P freeman