Starting off this backblast with a solid title – LOL.  Nonetheless, it was a great morning at SBTB.  I “borrowed” a workout from one of my Charlotte workout groups and we had a good chatty morning!

Started with disclaimer and began the warmup – roughly 30 sec each of good mornings, squats, right side lunges, left side lunges, downward dog into three point and rolling our ankles and bending the lifted knee for a deep stretch on each side.  We ended our warm up with a speed walk around the pickle.

Then we began the workout – we did 3 sets.  For each set, we did 40 sec on/10 sec rest of each exercise 3x through (approximately 9 mins/set).  After each set, we did a speed walk around the pickle.

Set 1 –

  • goblet squats
  • bottom half burpees (like a frogger, but you lift your hands off the ground after each frogger jump)
  • arnold presses

Set 2 –

  • In & out pushups (as a modification, can be classic pushups)
  • single leg glute bridge – R side
  • jack press (jumping jack holding a weight & lifting overhead with each jumping jack)
  • single leg glute bridge – L side

Set 3 –

  • bicep curls
  • Quarantine combo (jump lunge with each leg + a squat jump)
  • tricep overhead or kickbacks

We had time for one round of abs (same format – 40 seconds on/10 seconds rest)

  • american hammers
  • bicycles
  • ankle biters

We closed with COT & name-o-rama.  COT – You make life better by just being in it.  Your strength inspires so many people around you and you have no idea just how much.  You make people smile everyday by just being yourself.

Thanks for joining me!  Happy Friday!