Disclaimer & Warm Up Good mornings, slow to fast butt kickers, slow to fast high knees. mosey up to skate park stop to complete toy soldiers, arm circles, Mosey to entrance complete windmills and phelps; mosey around to loop near Apex community center, where some of us have nightmares about the Sharknado workout.


The Thang:

In honor of my dad’s 76th birthday tomorrow, we will complete reps starting w/ 76, run loop in between each set. Group counting – Tiny Boots started counting the reps 1-10, then Reebok picked up counting 11-20, then Hootie, etc until we made it to the total

76 Jumping Jacks

66 Squats 

56 Hillbillies (HC)

46 Dips

36 Monkey Humpers

26 Push Ups

16 Squat Jumps

6 Star Jump Burpees

Mosey back to the park for ABS

15 second plank/ 15 reps of an exercise, 30 sec plank / 30 reps of exercise, 45 sec plank/45 reps of exercise, 60 sec plank/ 60 reps of an exercise THEN work your way back down.

15 Big Girl Sit Ups

30 American Hammers HC

45 Ankle Biters EC

60 LBC’s

COT: International Women’s day tomorrow: “If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.” ~ Dolly Parton

Name O Rama