We started with disclaimer ,a warmup and a discussion on what a frogger stretch is.. Today’s workout was a bunch of ideas I had floating in my head that I wanted to try out plus a few oldies that we haven’t done in a while..

Thang 1

Let’s see if I can put this in words.  This one consisted of 2 exercises – 100 Squats and  undetermined number of Women Makers.  I set a timer that would go off every minute for 6 minutes ( wasn’t sure how long this would take).  We started off with squats count OYO. When the timer went off, we would do one women maker.  Then  we continued our count of squats. Timer goes off again, do 2 women makers. Then continue squatting. Timer goes off – 3 Women Makers..etc  Continue until you hit 100 squats. This took us 5 minutes.

Thang 2 

Planks and Wall Sits

Alternate between each exercise with a decreasing timer no scheduled rest.  Start with 1 minute plank and 1 minute wall sit. Continue with timer set to 45sec, 30sec and then 15 sec.

Thang 3 

Medicine ball toss

Get in 2 lines tossing the ball to each other down the line. Once you toss the ball, run to the end of your line and do 1 burpee.  Continue this from one end of the shelter to the other.   Repeated with difference exercises: 2 burpees, 3 jump squats , 4 jump squats.

Thang 4 

Jack Webbs ( couldn’t remember the name when we did it)

1 Pushup / 4 Hallelujahs( on your knees) –  then 2 Pushups/8 Hallelujahs   continue until 10 Pushups/ 40 Hallelujahs.  This is A LOT harder than you would think.

Thang 5

10 variations of planks. 30 sec each.   Try to keep knees up the whole time!

  1. Elbow
  2. Left Side elbow
  3. Brooke Burke
  4. Right Side Elbow
  5. Straight Arm
  6.  Plank , Down dog with right hand to left foot, back to plank then Down dog with left hand to right foot
  7. Shoulder Taps
  8. Mountain Climbers
  9. Straight Arm right side  plank – Thread the needle
  10. Straight Arm left side plank – Thread the needle

We ended with some stretches and Name-0-rama.  Thanks to everyone for testing these ideas out,  I hope you enjoyed your workout!