I know a Guy…

Disclaimer Given – Beethoven is not a professional. Do this at your own risk.

Warm-up: Run the pickle twice, 10 Good Mornings oyo, shoulder circles, arm circles, butt kickers, neck rolls, stretch out good!

The Thang:

With bands – 25 each:

-Rear shoulder squeeze

-Lat pulldown

-Tricep pulldown (25 each arm)

-Chest press (25 each arm)

-Bicep curls (25 each arm)

Cardio – Run the pickle & 10 inch worms oyo

-Lying leg lifts (25 each leg)

-Glute kickbacks (25 each leg)

-Lunge kickback (25 each leg)

-Shoulder pulls (at poll or tree)

-Band pull downs (at poll or tree)

-Donkey kicks (25 each leg)

-Seated rowing (both arms or one at a time – 25 each arm)

Cardio – Run the pickle & 25 jumping jacks oyo

Repeat the entire workout, but 15 each

Abs: 50 Ankle Bitters, 40 Russian Twists, 30 LBC’s, 20 Glute Bridges, and we were out of time for the 10 remaining leg lifts.