Karaoke steps up and down the hill

jumping jack series, starting with 8 reps and going down to 1

The Thang – 2 portions

Part 1. dice game with whoever did the last dice throw now doing a hula hoop for the duration of one dice throw exercise roind. Random dice throw for the exercise and then two addition die added together (2 to 33) for the number of reps.

Exercises on the die:

1. Overhead press with weights

2. Plank rows hard count

3. Rosalitas (never came up)

4. Hammer curls

5. American hammers

6. Hillbillies (aka leprechauns)

Part 2 – animals on the hill to the cone marker (“caution: life begins at 40) – about 20 to 30 reps

crab walk down

bear crawl up

monkeys down

frog hop up

Repeated twice. Second time, half the distance.

Abs: ring of fire – 10 reps of jackknives, hold boat until it is your turn.

Cool down – yoga stretches and some deep breathes.

COT: as it’s seed stating time, I’m reminded by my seedlings to be patient. One heirloom tomato – the blue Bosque bumblebee – took more than 30 days to emerge! Also, reflected on the power of embracing seasons of rest and seasons of growth, starts and finishes.