Disclaimer & Warm up

Good mornings, toy soldiers IC, arm circles, JJ IC

AC/DC Thunderstruck Burpee challenge – every time the word “thunder” or
“thunderstruck” was sung, Pax did a burpee. We modified, as the original challenge had us doing some sort of cardio in between the chorus. 

Believe me, we made up for it in The Thang.

The Thang: (Thanks to FiA Knoxville for the idea!)

Pax count off into groups 1,2,3,4 – all 1’s together, all 2’s together, etc. Each group goes to a corner and completes the first round of exercises, then runs the pickle. On to the next corner, complete exercises, run the pickle, and so on, continuing until all groups have visited each of the 4 corners. Start again with Round 2.

Exercises are 7’s: Start with 6 reps of the first exercise, then 1 rep of the second exercise. Next, do 5 of the first and 2 of the second. Then 4 & 3, 3 & 4, 2 & 5, and 1 & 6.

Corner 1

Round 1: Push Ups / Monkey Humpers

Round 2: Sparky Crabs / Bicycle Crunches

Corner 2

Round 1: Squats / ManMaker (start burpee jump feet back, row R arm, push up, row L arm, finish burpee). I’m quite sure Hootie proclaimed “I don’t wanna be a man” 

Round 2: Squat Jumps / Peter Parkers

Corner 3

Round 1: Blast off Push Ups / Dips

Round 2: Shoulder Taps / Dorothy’s

Corner 4

Round 1: Big Girl Sit Ups / Carolina Dry Docks

Round 2: Mountain Climbers / Star Jumps

Repeat until time runs out! We made it through Round 2.2 before Q called time. Had to save time for Abs 🙂 

Pax circled up with their mats and Q explained the fun that is Captain Thor: 1 Big Girl Sit Up: 4 American Hammers, 2 BGSU:8 AH, all the way up to 10:40. It starts to suck around 7:28

COT :You deserve to be filled the same way you pour.

Name O Rama – Welcome back Sombrero!