Circled up to start the warmup of good mornings, toy soldiers, inchworms, butt kicks, high knees, jumping jacks.  We stayed circled up and did a 4 min of cardio: heismans, boy bands, quick jacks, froggers.   Which makes for a long 4 mins! Then we counted off into 3 groups to split into our 3 stations of arms, glutes and legs.  We did 1 min each exercise then rotated to the next station.  We did 2 full rounds of this.
Station 1: bridge march, R hydrant/donkey kicks, L hydrant/donkey kicks, deep squats
Station 2: (on tables) plyo push ups, tricep dips, push up to side plank, arm circles
Station 3: L single leg squat, R single leg squat, L RDL, R RDL

I had planned to finish up with another round of cardio but we ran out of time.

“Plans are intentions, they are not pass/fail.  Its better to learn how to pivot then how to plan” – Kendra Adachi