We did a quick warm up and then headed to the Train Depot.
We did 10s in the parking lot, since FiANation celebrated it’s 10 year Anniversary in 2023.  We did star jacks on one side and stiletto squats on the other side.

After that, we moseyed to the bottom of our favorite hill.  We ran up to 4 points on the hill, completing 5 burpees at each point.  Once we got to the top of the hill, we celebrated with 3 more burpees.  23 burpees so far for 2023!

Then we headed back to the administrative building (to the circle).  We did a modified Kraken with 4 stops (4 exercises: Monkey Humpers, Imperial Walkers, Sparky Crabs, Triceps Dips).  Since FiACarpex celebrated 6 years in August 2023, we did 6 reps of each.

Moseyed back to park and did some shoulder exercises on the curb.  Walk the curb then 2 pushups, walked back down to do mountain climbers.

COT, Picture, Name O Rama