Started with the disclaimer and warm up.  The Q was extra sore this morning thanks to Mary Lou’s book drop Q yesterday.  Did some good mornings, side bends, butt kicks, punches, inchworms and worlds greatest stretch.   The Thang:

5 miniature triple nickles – hard count and with weights and bands when applicable.  We ran the pickle in between each one.
1) Curtsey squat with kick – bicep curls
2) SL RDL – bent over rows
3) Lunges – lateral raises
4) Bridge clams – skull crushers
5) Deep squats – overhead press

Then got to our mats for some glute work and abs.  15 HC of each (with band on knees): fire hydrants, donkey kicks, straight leg lifts, side clams, side plank dips.   Then plank with arm reach, american hammers, half kneeling halos, LBCs -left, right, center