FIA Beauties of Ballet


Disclaimer- I am not a professional, modify as needed, keep 6’ apart


Warm UP- 

Mountain to rag doll to plank

Vinyasa downward dog/upward dog 5 each

Warrior 1 x 10 hard count with hip flexor stretch

Warrior 2 to side angle pose to reverse warrior x 5 each way

Arm circles small forward/backward standing on one leg; repeat Large circles


Jog pickle


The Thang

We did a series of 3 exercises for a minute each with 15 sec rest in between

  1. Side to side squat with kick in the middle arms behind head
  2. Plank knee to chest, extend leg switch sides
  3. Plank to 1 legged downward dog


Next set

  1. Chair pose to side lunge with weights overhead to weights to sides with arms
  2. Reverse Lunge with tricep extension
  3. Side to side lunge with 1 legged balance and kick bicep curl with arms

Next set (tan du ballet)

  1. Toe drag to the side alternating sides while bringing arms to front with weights, palms up
  2. Leg to side with pulse/ arms out to sides simultaneously
  3. Leg in air throughout leg to the side , knees together when extend hip, arms out to the side

Next set

  1. Both Arms overhead to arms extended (ballerina to gymnast) with weights
  2. Same motion but coordinating a plie
  3. Curtsy lunge side to side with arms circling overhead with weights



30 sec to 1 minute of each

  1. Side plank R/L hold each 30
  2. Reverse plank 60
  3. Hold crunch while alternating leg touches to ground
  4. Lay on stomach kick bottom 3 times then extend arms/back with hands clasped



straddle, quad, piriformis/pigeon, shoulders