Side to side lunge with shoulder roll x 15

Side to side lunge with arm circles forward/back 15 each way

Jumping jack/or modified step jack x 15

Vinasa upward/downward dog, 1 legged dog, hip flexor stretch




Series of 4 to 5 exercises 45 sec on and 10 second transition/rest to next exercise with HILL run in between

  1. Standing 1 knee to chest with overhead arms holding weight (s)
  2. Wide stance squat with overhead weight press
  3. Side to side squat (skater position) with shoulder abduction
  4. Reverse Lunge(arms to 90) to one legged oil rig (arms down) with shoulder flexion 




  1. Plank to tricep push up to overhead side reach in lunge on R /then L repeat
  2. Hold Plank
  3. Hold Reverse Plank
  4. Quadraped one arm on elbow /one arm out to side -alternating straight leg up in back to side to up in back to inward
  5. Repeat on other side



  1. Side crunch R
  2. Side crunch L
  3. Hip abduction on side with hand behind head side crunch
  4. Opposite side



  1. Bridge with shoulder horizontal ab/adduction w weight
  2. Bridge with tricep press with Weight
  3. Bed bed Bug alternating arm/leg shoulder flexion with weight
  4. Kneel to ½ lunge alternating sides


Yoga Stretch cooldown.