After my disclaimer, we got right to the warmup of Jumping Jacks, butt kickers, high knees, Toy Soldiers, Arm Circles followed by some quick stretches.    Today we used our dumbbells for this full body workout under the shelter.   When it feels like 95 degrees, the shelter is very much appreciated!

The Thang:

45 sec on / 15 rest  – Hamstrings/tricep/obliques

  •  80/20 Deadlift right / Skull Crushers/Right side Plank
  • 80/20 Deadlift left / Bent over triceps (single,single,double) / Left side plank
  • RDL 3down 1up / Overhead Triceps / Brooke Burkes

Cardio time  – Ladder AMRAP

Start with 1 rep of every exercise.  Then repeat 2 of each etc.. Ladder up for 3 minutes

  1.  burpee
  2. Lunge Jumps HC
  3. Dorothy
  4. Skaters

45/15 – Glutes/Chest/ abs

  •  Single leg glute bridge ( right leg straight up and then under other leg) /Chest Press/Sprinter abs left
  • Single leg glute bridge left / Chest Fly / Sprinter abs right
  • Glute bridge with open/close legs  / Alternate press and fly / in out abs


45/15  Inner thighs/Shoulder/ lower abs

  • Plie squat with right heel up/ Arnold press/ Flutter kicks
  • Plie squat with left heel up / row ( single,single,double) / Leg raises with heels to heaven
  • Plie squat with both heels up / shoulder shrug / Plank  ( left hand to right foot then right knee to left elbow  repeat on right)

Thank you all for coming out on this hot and humid evening.. Welcome our FNG Dali!