Hunter Street Park was busy this morning!  We were there, F3 was there, another men’s workout group, and a yoga group.  And they all heard us grunting and groaning with this one!  A sign of a great workout!

We warmed up by doing light jog, butt kickers, skipping and side shuffle from one light pole to another.  Our heart rates got up after that, so we were ready for the workout!

I set up 6 cones in a horseshoe like formation in the parking lot.  Each cone had an exercise written on a notecard (Push Ups, Jumping Jacks, Monkey Humpers, Burpees, Skaters, Smurf Jacks)  Since it is Sept, I decided to do 9 reps of each exercise.  We broke up into Groups of 2.  Cone 1 was on the far left of the horseshoe and the start was on the far right.  Group 1 started first; they ran to Cone 1 to do 9 reps of that exercise (push ups), then ran back to the start to tag Group 2.  Group 2 was doing Mountain Climbers, so they celebrated when Group 1 returned.  They did the same as Group 1 and Group 1 did Mountain Climbers.  Round 2, Group 1 ran to the 1st cone to do those 9 reps, then to Cone 2 to do that exercise (Jumping Jacks), then ran back to the start to tag Group 2.  Group 2 was doing Ski Jumps.  Groups switched places.  This continued, adding on a cone to each round.  The exercises done at the start line also changed with each round (Mountain Climbers, Ski Jumps, Shoulder Taps, Jump Squats/Squats, Big Girl Sit Ups, Bicycle Abs).

Option for those that don’t want to run:  They start at the far left of the horseshoe.

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