Little drizzly and a touch chilly this morning, but we never stopped moving so I don’t think anyone really minded! A couple of folks met up for EC run. Halfpipe & Daisy ran hills to train for their race instead of joining us – go ladies!


Some leg stretchies, some arm stretchies
Walked around the various stations so Q could demonstrate each move
Pax counted off by 9 to form pairs, some singles

The Thang

9 stations, different exercises at each
At each station, (3) sets of 30 seconds on/10 seconds rest
Move to next station
We made it through ~1.5 times and all joined Tiny Boots at station 9 for the last set

  1. (Wide) Mountain Climbers
  2. Lateral Hops (chalk agility ladder)
  3. Farmer’s Carry (heavy weight!)
  4. Alt. Dumbbell Power Snatch
  5. Burpees
  6. Skaters
  7. Weighted American Hammers
  8. Squat Press x 5; Jump Squat x2
  9. Hopscotch*

*During the pandemic when all playgrounds were closed, I had to keep my kiddo entertained at home. We started creating themed hopscotches on our front sidewalk for all the neighborhood kids to enjoy. I resurfaced one of my favorites!

  • Regular hopscotch
  • Witch’s Broom Zoom (run forward)
  • Spider Spins
  • Ghost Glide (forward skaters)
  • Scarecrow Skedaddle (plyo hillbillies)


Q had 9 ab options, Pax called out numbers to choose which ones to complete
Same 30 seconds on/10 seconds rest

  • Boat Hold
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Wood Choppers


“There’s power in looking silly and not caring that you do.” – Amy Poehler