Hit repeat on a workout that had light attendance the first time around…




10X of each:

  • Good mornings
  • Hoe the row
  • Start the chainsaw

Finished warm up with 3 legged race down to a sign and back.

Thang #1: Gardening (all workouts Tabata style for 1 minute of working)

  • Hoe the row with bands – right arm and then left arm – basically one arm cross-body row (like a snatch)
  • Squat and pull weeds – squat down, lift weight – alternating right and left arm
  • Train the tomato – holding arms in front, do motion of training a tomato onto twine
  • I forgot that weed – lunges to left and right with weights
  • Fire ants – move into squat position, fast feet – then jump forward – repeat movement, then jump back until 1 minute passed.

Thang #2: Lumberjack Camp (partner up)

  • 1 partner drags the chain up and down the grassy median while other partner starts the chainsaw with bands or weights. Then switch.
  • 1 partner looks up and down (sighting the tree for felling) – neck stretch, while other partner lifts the log (squat and lift heavy weight, then repeat. Then switch.
  • 1 pair runs the pickle while the other pair does this set: pull the rope – static sit back into band secured around light pole (like a wall sit) while other partner “runs the saw mill” – push into band – static pushing with left hand, right right arm “runs the crank” . Then the Pairs swap. Each pair does each exercise to the point that both arms have “run the sawmill”.

ABS – ring of fire – one person hula hoops for at least 10 loops while everyone else holds boat. Hula hoop rotates around – RahRah got 13 seconds straight on the hula hoop!

COT: Q is reading “Die with Zero” and while agreeing with many of the principles, finds it more encouraging to chose to “live with abundance”.