Q got started at 6:01am with the disclaimer and a quick warm up.

Warm up included high knees, butt kickers, inchworms, and arm circles.

We moseyed to Academy for some light poles. On the way down we did 10 jacks at each pole and side step squat-walked between poles alternating sides. After completing 6 walks we switched to lunge walk with a skip between poles for 4 poles. Talk about a quad burner! At 10 poles we turned around and did 5 full burpees (with push ups) every other pole back jogging between poles.

We crossed over to the Cary Art Center steps and partnered up. While one partner did an exercise the other went up the stairs and down the ramp doing other exercises.

Round 1: partner 1 did tabletop hold with alternating arm and leg extensions, partner 2 ran up the stairs and side shuffled down the ramp. Repeat x3

Round 2: partner 1 did plank jacks while partner 2 bear crawled the stairs and did 10 walking pushups along the ramp rails. Repeat x3

Round 3: partner 1 alternated 10 calf raises then 10 fast feet until partner 2 returned from doing 2 dips up each stair then jogging down the ramp. We then paused to get our group photo above before finishing up with some abs.

We found some medium height bench walls around the trees and got into standing plank hold against the bench, crunch one knee to chest x15 then switch. And then in elbow plank on top of the bench, feet on ground—start in kneeling position lift knees to tabletop and slowly stand then return to tabletop x15.

That brought us to our COT where I shared Hebrews 10:23–“Let is hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful.” Holding fast to the one who holds us fast is the only hope we have in any season of life, good or bad, but feels especially crucial in the times we are in right now.
As always it is a privilege to lead such strong women. Than you!

Mary Lou