Tuesday, Sept 8th – Book Drop

6am start- perfect weather for some ramps!
welcome FNG, and my cousin, Winnebago “Winnie”

Warm up: jog to water fountain
-Jumping jacks in cadence (10)
-good mornings (10)
-arm circles forwards, backwards
-downward dog calf stretch with runners stretch
-pushups (10)

Hop up, follow me to the left entrance of parking deck
Indian run to top, 1 or 2 groups
At top: plank hold with shoulder taps
Down the stairs to the very bottom

Partner up for Dora the Explorer “Easy as 1-2-3”. 100 push ups, 200 squats, 300 LBCs total
-1 partner runs up the ramp to the library, across, and downstairs while the other does as many exercises as they can then switch
– total up to 100,200,300
– if you finish early hold squat / wall hold

We had extra time : split groups for HALF RAMP lieutenant dans up, karaoke x 2, frog jumps (thx ML), high knees (thx TT)

Last 5-10 min abs and FNG Intro
-flutter kicks
-American hammers in boat position
-plank jacks
-ankle biters



thanks all who joined for my VQ!!!