What was supposed to be a baseball Q was changed at the last minute to be a hill buster.  We almost got 3 miles in, 11 uphill runs and a whole Lotta other cool stuff.

We met in the senior center lot and then used the shady paths that Bond Park provides to keep our heart rates up.

Warm up: Good mornings, high knees, butt kickers, jumping  Jack’s.

Moseyed to the path that goes behind the community  center.  Stopped for toe touches, lunge kicks, and squat reaches.  Ran on to the top of the hill.  Another round of toe touches and lunge kicks then we did hill 7s with burpees and push ups. Moseyed to the road intersection and did our toe touches and lunge kicks and added tricep dips.  Moseyed on across the street to the next hill.  4x hill increasing exertion 50%, 75%, 85%, top speed.  Moseyed to the pull up bars.  Everyone did 2 rounds of 10 “pull ups”.  Moseyed down to the paved path.  Here we did criss cross jacks.  Moseyed to the path intersection with the triangle of paths and did squats.  Moseyed to the kiosk where we lunge walked to the second tree and sprint to the top of the hill.  Held Plank and then moseyed back to the senior center.

It was so much fun to be with you this morning.

COT: try to keep some normalcy and if covid effects your plans don’t grumble about it in front of the kids.  Bad attitudes are contagious!