We transitioned nightcrawler to daycrawler to celebrate labor day!  We gathered under the shelter for our warmup – some good mornings, windmills, toy soldiers, jumping jacks, runners lunges, butt kickers and high knees.  Then we mosied over the the big hill.  We did 10 pushups at the bottom, sprint to the top, 10 plank arm lifts.  Jog back down for 10 smurf jacks, bear crawl up (it’s a big hill!), 10 donkey kicks at the top.  We repeated that all again, completing 2 rounds of each.

Mosied back to the shelter for a water break and then onto the next adventure…the volleyball courts for an additional sandy challenge.  We lined up on one end of the courts for 20 jump squats, lateral shuffle to the other end, 20 (EC) single leg RDLs, lateral shuffle back.  Then 20 bunny hops, plank walk down, 20 (EC) curtsy lunge to lateral lunge, plank walk back.  We repeated that all again, 2 rounds of each.  Time to head back to the shelter for some mat work.

For abs we did 50 american hammers, 50 ankle biters, 50 LBCs, 50 toe taps, 50 bridge clams, 50 swimmers.  Finished off with some stretching and name-o-rama!