It was cold enough this morning that we all stayed in our cars for as long as possible, but it didn’t take us long to get warmed up!

Warm-Up: Good mornings, jumping jacks, high knees, butt kickers, phelps, arm circles, inchworms and fast feet.

We moseyed to the bottom of the big hill where we started our first thang of the day:

Hill-y Dora

(just like a normal Dora, but instead of running the pickle, we ran up and down the hill)

100 (SC) lunges front and back

200 calf raises (any variation)

300 squats

We then stretched out a little bit and moseyed back to the parking lot where we grabbed rocks and our mats for thang #2:

Ring of Fire Arms

We did 5 reps each of the dynamic exercises

1: Static: Overhead rock hold, Dynamic: Bent over rows

2: Static: Squat hold, Dynamic: Bicep curls

3: Static: Glute bridge hold, Dynamic: Skull crushers

4: Static: Reverse plank hold, Dynamic: Sparky crabs (HC)

5: Static: Plank hold, Dynamic: Push-ups

We  made it almost twice through these! (we skipped #5 on the last round)

Then we put our rocks back in and did some Ab work. 25 reps each of: mountain climbers (HC), plank jacks, in and outs, russian twists (HC), ankle biters (HC) and bicycle crunches (HC). We ended with 10 BGSUs, and then stretched and I shared some words of wisdom from my grandfather: “I’ll try is the lowest form of commitment.”

We finished with Name-O-Rama and picture! Wonderful job today ladies, thanks for coming out and supporting my VQ!