Head to Toe and Toe to Head

Disclaimer Given – Beethoven is not a professional. Do this at your own risk (safely and COVID Style).

Warm-up: Run the pickle, 10 Good Mornings oyo, shoulder circles, arm circles (both and one at a time), butt kickers, stretch out good!

The Thang: Weighted dumbbells – 24 each:

– Shoulder Press

– Twenty-Ones (bicep up half way for 7, bicep from half way to full up for 7 and then full biceps for 7)

– Twenty-Ones (same as above but with one arm at a time for hold/resistance)

– Bent over rows

– Dead Lifts

– Abs: Core Stabilizer, Wood chops each side and wide leg side crunches down by sides

– Squats with weights

– Leg raises side and front with weights

– Calf raises


– CARDIO – Run Pickle


– Side, front and back kicks

– Squat and Hold X3

– Side Lunges

– Abs: Standing pendulum, side bends (no wide leg) and standing crossover toe touch each side

– Arm raises rotating in front

– Hammer curls

– Shoulder Press Roll