COT: Remember to have grace with yourself and your family as we transition out of norms and into summer.

A warm morning and some Heavy weight work with my favorite people.

Warm up 3 min warm up, Good mornings, Quad Stretches, rib openers, arm circles, calf stretches.

All circuits are 45 sec work/15 sec rest

Circuit 1

  • Renegade Row (heavy)
  • Push up to pike (heavy)
  • 1 ½ stiff leg deadlift (heavy)
  • Bentover Row (heavy)
  • Front squat to thruster (heavy)
  • Burpee to DB Curl (light)
  • Lateral/ Front Raise (light)
  • Swing (light)
  • Close Grip Situp and reach (light)

Circuit 2

  • Chest press (heavy)
  • 1 ½ Back Squat (heavy) – weights above shoulders laying on top of back
  • Lateral lunge touchdown (heavy)
  • Snatch L Side (heavy)
  • Snatch R Side (heavy)
  • One DB Squat to Jump Squat (Light)
  • One DB Alt Fwd lunge with tricep ext (Light)
  • One DB jack to Press (Light)
  • Tuck Crunch (Light)

Circuit 3

  • Sumo High Row (Light)
  • Rotational squat to press (Light)
  • Push Press (Heavy)
  • Negative Push ups (heavy)
  • Step Back Lunge with Wood chop (light) L
  • Step Back Lunge with Wood chop (light) R
  • Lateral burpee over dumbbell (light)
  • Side plank hip dip R (light)
  • Side plank hip dip L (light)

Circuit 4

  • Sumo Squat Clean to Press (light)
  • Sumo Deadlift (light)
  • Alt wall sit curl (light)
  • Squat Hop Burpee to curl(light)
  • Tricep Kickback (light)
  • Windmill R (light)
  • Windmill L (light)
  • High Knees (light)
  • Situp and punch (light)
  • Reverse crunch