Disclaimer & Warm Up we did some happy afternoons, inchworms into runners stretch, moseyed around the parking lot and did some arm circles and phelps 


The Thang:

Group 1 does stationary exercise while group 2 completes exercises at 4 stations; Swap & repeat – before moving to next round

Station 1: Burpees

Station 2: Shoulder Taps hc

Station 3: Smurf Jacks

Station 4: Push Ups


4 stations exercises  Stationary group 
Round 1 5 reps OH Press
Round 2 10 reps Weighted Curb Squats
Round 3 15 reps Lateral/Front Raise
Round 4 10 reps Weighted Calf Raises
Round 5 5 reps Alternating Oblique bends


1 min rounds of weighted / standing abs which was quite literally grunt work + some balance work thrown in there 

COT International Women’s Day: “”I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” ~ Mother Teresa


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