A moving warm up to get us warmed up. We couldn’t run the pickles as planned because F3 decided to take over the big pickle for their apparent Sharknado. Instead we ran the small pickle doing high knees, but kickers, skips and hip openers.
Next we spread out on the parking lot lines to continue our warm up—side shuffles across the parking lot and back, karaoke, burpees with a broad jump and plank walk down the line and back.

The Thang: Grinders
We divided into groups of three for three rounds of grinders.

Round 1-irkins, bear crawl, derkins

Round 2-curtsy squats on the wall, lunge walk, elevated heel squats

Round3-side leans, inchworms (or camel walk), other side leans

After each round each group would pick up their members and run the pickle where we would regroup before I explained the next round.

This took wayyyyy longer than expected-in fact it took most of our time. So, we didn’t get to four rounds of four corners I also had planned and everyone was spared all the running my workouts usually entail (you’re welcome 😆).

We had just enough time to finish off with a Mary that included-lunge hold knee crunches, plank hold walking hands out and in, Brooke Burkes, and table top knee taps. I think we did a 10-20 count on all these.

The only thing that felt fitting to share with the group during CoT was the Lord’s Prayer  so we prayed that together as a group and ended with our name-a-rama.

Thank you for starting your day with me!
Mary Lou