Q Gave Disclaimer

Circle up & Stretch:
– 10 good mornings
– 3 inchworms out–hold the third, move into runners stretch R, L, move into downward dog and move feet up and down to paddle and stretch, inch worm into stand
– 10 Phelps

Walking Warm Up toward Parking Lot 1
– Hip Openers
– Walking Toy Soldiers
– Butt Kickers
– High Knees
– Lunges
– Prisoner Run
*Mosey the rest of the way to the RLS parking lot, meet at the top of the hill

Thang Part 1: Sum – Sum – Summertime…
Partner up for a mini Dora
1. 50 Plank-Jacks
2. 100 Low-Slow-Flutters
3. 150 Step-Ups

Thang Part 2: Four Corners of Fall
*Start with 5 reps, builds by 5 each round. In between rounds, you’re going Trick or Treating. Sprint to the house and back.
1. “Jumping in Leaves” – Squat Jumps
2. “Bobbing for Apples” – Merkins
3. “Pumpkin Carving” – Box Cutters
4. “Corn Maze” – Imperial Walkers

Thang Part 3: Yoga Stretches
1. Pigeon Pose – start high, go low, hold for 5-10seconds
2. Cobra – breathe through your nose, out your mouth
3. Push back to downward dog and onto your heels, dig your heels into the ground
4. Roll onto your back, take a few deep breathes, look up at the sky, when you’re ready roll to your side and slowly sit up
(We ran out of time for these last three, but enjoyed some stretches on our own while naming our FNG).

Welcome to our FNG’s Golden Spur and Crasher! Crasher is joining us from our Wilmington region.


COT: In the spring we tend to move more easily, adjusting to the warmer air, the brighter colors around us, and the longer days. As summer settles in, the energy around us picks up – the sun stays out just a little longer, the pools are warmer, there is a certain buzz of laughter in the air.

But as we settle back into our routines, what once felt so good to be back into a rhythm, can soon feel like the aching for those longer days with family or friends. Those days without homework or less on our plates as mothers, sisters, friends.

So, as we move into this new season, let’s be reminded of the energy givers:

  • Sunlight
  • Movement
  • Laughter
  • Gratitude
  • Meditation
  • Nature
  • Self-care
  • Hydration
  • Journaling
  • Nourishing foods
  • Creativity
  • Boundaries
  • Sleep
  • Connection