Warm Up: Run the pickle then we circled up, shuffle right 1, 2, 3, 4 then 4 toy soldiers, continuing to shuffle right until you’re back in your spot; rinse and repeat shuffling left/windmills; 5 inchworms oyo, arm circles, phelps


The Thang:

Load the Buses

Start by soccer field fence (closest to Davis Dr). Each fence post is a stop – run all the way to the end to Fence post #1 complete exercise, Run back to start – do a burpee

Run to fence post #2 complete next exercise run back to start – do a burpee 

Continuing until 1-4 fence posts/exercises are completed, then posts 5-8 repeat exercises, posts 9-12 repeat exercises, etc

Squats 10

Push ups 10

Hillbillies 10 HC

Shoulder Taps 10 HC

Arm-ageddon: 1 min rounds of tiny arm circles forward/backward, push water forward/backward, flap

Abs: Bruce Lee 6 Ab exercises followed by 1 minute plank. Completed 6 times. Reps: 10

  1. BGSU’s 
  2. Ankle biters HC
  3. Heels to heaven 
  4. American Hammers HC
  5. In & outs 
  6. Flutter kicks HC

Q modified to include a lap around the pickle in between rounds instead of plank; and reduced reps to 5 each for rounds 5 and 6

COT: “Anyone can listen. All you have to do is stop talking.But to be a good listener, you have to stop talking and be interested.Genuine curiosity is the precursor to understanding, and a good listener helps the other person feel understood.” ~ James Clear