Good Mornings, Cotton Pickers, Toy Soldiers, High knees and Jumping Jacks (IC), jog around the pickle (so we could see where the crockpot was!)

The Thang:  Crockpot Planksgiving

We all circled up on one side of the parking lot.  One member of the PAX runs out to the crockpot filled with slips of paper with various plank exercises.  The rest of the PAX does the exercise while another person runs out to the crockpot.  (We just held plank for the first one.)

Plank Jacks

Peter Parker


Mountain Climbers

Hip Dips

High Low

Brooke Burkes

Inchworm Push up (there is a plank in there somewhere)

Parker Peter (Drunken Mountain Climber)

Shoulder Taps

Downward Dog – Alternate lifting each leg up (nice stretch!)

Reverse Plank

Tilt-A-Whirl (Plank alternate kicking one leg to the side)

22 Pushups (because I had to do 22, I thought everyone could help me through it!)

Touch your toes

Touch your knees

High Five an imaginary friend

I had planned on pass the pumpkin in plank but didn’t have a pumpkin and everyone’s wrists needed a break.. so we did Russian Twists with a one-eyed Elephant (the only thing I could think of to bring ;)).  Passed down the line and back three times with our best time in 14 seconds!  Way to go, ladies!

Ended with PAX choice abs: leg lifts, ankle bitters, star crunch, scissors, and a few others.

We finished with a short quote to remember what Thanksgiving is all about and name-o-rama.  Thank you ladies for joining me!

“Thanksgiving is the holiday of peace, the celebration of work and of the simple life.  A true folk festival that speaks the poetry of the turn of the seasons, the beauty of the seed time and harvest, the ripe product of the year and the deep deep connection of all these things with God.”