Q gave the usual declaration… I am not a professional, do this at your own risk, modify as needed.


Quick Stretch & Explanation: Apparently we were confused when the Q said just to bring yourself and some water. No gloves? No mat? So we did a quick stretch with some good mornings, runners stretch and an explanation… Today will look a little different, we are going to try some cardio kickboxing, the way I was taught. Hopefully everyone has a good time!


Warm Up: Q starts up playlist 1

  • Boxers bounce – “bounce in the ring”
  • Warm up your obliques – low, wide squat
    • side to side
    • repeat speedbag and guard up to warm up core
  • Warm up the arms
    • Jabs to the front
    • Cross (corner to corner – pivot)
    • Hook
    • Uppercut
  • Boxer’s Bounce
  • Warm up lower body
    • Squats, pulse repeat 3x
    • hold
    • side to side touch
  • Repeat obliques, speed bag, guard
  • Legs
    • March front kick right
    • March front kick left
    • repeat
    • front and back right, then left
  • Grab your water


The Thang: Q started playlist 2

Q explained that we were going to learn the the steps to a kickboxing “routine” the way I was taught. In paragraphs. I find it’s easier that way. So we started with the first sentence and built on. They were fast learners. There was a lot of laughter and some onlookers from our morning walkers in Downtown Cary, but overall, I think we enjoyed ourselves. I sure did. Thanks for sticking this one out with me, ladies. I really needed this one yesterday. Oh and Tik Tok helped us out with a name… “do you think these people think we are like geriatric cheerleaders or something?” Later someone added the Dallas Cowboys part and here we are, your geriatric, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders! Haha 🙂

We started with our right side then learned it on our left. I am only posting the right:

Triple jab (R), cross (L), hook (R) x2
Corner to corner (R)
High Low (R) x2

Wheel (Left arm comes up first on one, 1, 2, 3, 4)
March (1, 2, 3, kick w/ Left on 4)
March (1, 2, 3, kick w/ Right on 4)

2 knees Left, 2 knees Right
Around the world (arms up & around to right, punch to Left)
Jab w/ Left arm at 12 and 9
Twist w/ Left arm (Twist: Jab, Cross, Jab, Knee)

*Repeated on the left after building this up on that side. Once we figured it out, we put both sides together a few times.


Booty Blaster: Okay so there was a disclaimer that we may have time for bands at the end. We had some time, so we did some band work to wrap it up.

We closed with Name-o-Rama and a picture. Thanks for joining me. I’m so glad you did and hope you had fun!