Before workout I walked the Lap at Hunter Games and drew chalk circles, squares, stars and placed cones throughout the .5 ish mile lap.

Warm Up

Fun Run

Lap 1-  stop at circles and do push ups

Lap 2- stop at squares and do plank jacks

Lap 3- stop at stars and do blast off push ups

Lap 4 -stop at all cones and do dorothys

Handicaps as follows based on Pax’s individual mile time:

under 7 min = 15 reps of each exercise >8min=12reps >9min=10 reps >10min= 8 reps all the rest=5 reps

We started in order of mile times.  fastest to slowest with 5 seconds in between groups BECAUSE if someone passes you then you have to stop and do a Burpee.

Lap 5 we ran a LA freeway as a cool down.

I hope we are all still friends.  I am very proud of everyone.  We only have 4/5 more months till the FiA Olympics!!!