Welcome FNG Reebok!

Bon Voyage had a plan when she rolled into the Apex Community park, but as she drove past the empty basketball courts, a lightbulb went off and plans changed a bit.  Turned out to be a great audible and we sweated our buns off.

Warm Up: Started with the disclaimer and then went into the warm ups including good mornings, ankle/hip mobilitiy exercises, Michael Phleps and jumping jacks.  Followed by a few minutes of boxing moves to get us moving.

Thang 1: We moseyed over to the basketball courts. where we did a series of “Gassers”.  using the free throw lines and the half court line as our goals, we travelled to each line and back to the starting point using a different movement each time.  At the lines there were added strength moves in increasing increments.

Travel out/ travel back/strength move/ count:
Bear Crawl/jog/pushup/1-2-3-4/ jog back
Crab Crawl/monster walk/Dip/5-10-15-20
Side shuffle/Side shuffle/jump shot/1-2-3-4
Grapevine/grapevine/mountain climbers/5-10-15-20

Mosey back to the shelter

Thang 2: Supersets in 4 rounds (each exercise was done either 5 or 10 times alternating for 4 rounds)
Triceps on bench (10)/Kick throughs (5)
Twisting sumo squats (10)/jump squats (5)
Plank supermans (5)/ Plank jacks (10)

Mary: 20 count
Bicycle with chop
Heels to heaven
split leg reach
Ankle biters