Today was a full body workout from Fullback!   After the disclaimer about my lack of professionalism!! and for  covid, we got to work.

( 2.0 – Olive Oyl)


JJ, Butt kickers, High Knees ,  Good Mornings, Toy Soldiers, arm circles and whatever else needed for the individual FiA.    I estimated this was worth 2 minutes of stretching time for our FiaNation Challenge! Every minute counts!!

The Thang:

3 minutes of parking lot sprints with Dorothys.     1st line 1 Dorothy , 2nd line 2 Dorothys  etc

Back at shelter with weights

Bicep/Glute/Abs  50 sec on/10 rest  ( total 9 minutes)

  1. Bicep Curl/Hip Bridge/ American hammer with Reach
  2. Hammer Curl/Bridge walk out/ Cross legged full sit up
  3. Cross Body Curl/ Advanced Clamshell/ LBC

Jog to  parking lot for sprints and Star Jumps for 3 minutes

Back to Weights:

Tricep/Inner Thigh/ Abs

  1. Skull Crusher/Plie squat/ Full sit up with Alternating knee twist
  2.  bent over tricep extensions/ runners lunge, back leg comes in and touch ankle to ankle / in – out abs
  3. Bent over tricep extensions with palm up / lay on back, legs straight up ,  open-close   /  boat pose – one leg straight – lift up and down

Not enough time to complete another round..  So we ended with 5 minutes yoga stretches, name-0-rama and group pic!

Thanks for joining me!