Beethoven gave the disclaimer! We warmed up with some running around the pickle, good mornings, arm circles, butt kicks, high knees, big arm circles, jumping jacks and another jog around the pickle. Pre-blast was incorrect and we were supposed to have weights. Everything is modified with bands though!

Workout with bands/Tabata style with 60 seconds of work/15 seconds of rest:


  • Squats with band above the knee
  • Squat with weight/band
  • Biceps with weight/band
  • Side Walk with band around the ankle/Switch and walk other way
  • Donkey kicks each side with band around ankle
  • Dead lifts with weight/band
  • Jumping wide tap with band around the ankle
  • Upright rows with weight/band
  • Mountain climbers with band around the knees
  • Glute Bridge with band around the thighs or calves
  • Chest Press with weight/band
  • Fire Hydrant with band around/above the knee (each leg)
  • Standing leg kick backs with band around the ankle (each leg)
  • Reverse Fly with weight/band

Total: 14 Workouts – Repeat As Many Times as Possible (before 6:05am)

Abs: LBC’s, ankle biters. Russian twists and leg lifts (60 seconds each)

Name-o-rama!  COT