Frito started with the disclaimer and then began the warm up.  For warm up, PAX jogged slowly to the end of the long parking lot and returned, then circled up and did:

  • 10 HC toy soldiers
  • 10 good mornings
  • 20 jumping jacks (in cadence)
  • 3 inchworms with a runner’s stretch/lifting up opposite arm on each side

PAX did arm circles/phelps for a few seconds while Frito explained the workout, and then PAX laid out mats in a semi-circle around the exercises that were written in chalk (listed below).

6 exercises were listed around the word “EASTER” (listed in capital letters below):

  • lungE + front kick (hc)
  • shoulder tAps (hc)
  • Squat jumps
  • Tricep dips
  • high knEes (hc)
  • big giRl sit ups

PAX began by completing 14 (since today is April 14th!) of each of the 6 exercises, then PAX ran to the end of the long parking lot and returned to their mats.  PAX then completed 13 of each of the 6 exercises, then ran again, returned and completed 12, etc.  down to 7 reps of each exercise.  In total, PAX completed 84 reps of each exercise – woo hoo!

PAX held a plank while all PAX finished the last round, then Frito led PAX in a core set of the following circuit (repeated 2 times):

  • 14 American hammers (hc)
  • 14 ankle biters (hc)
  • 14 lbcs (hc)

PAX ended with a short stretch (cobra, cat/cow, and half pigeon).

COT: “When you share your experiences with other people, you help take away their fears.”  Frito shared that she was nervous about her first Q and felt like she may not be qualified or have the right skills to lead a workout, but that her conversations with other PAX who shared similar feelings led her to realize she could do it!