Q started with Disclaimer and Warm Up as Hootie was comin’ in hot!

slow butt kickers, good mornings, toy soldiers, windmills, arm circles forward/backward, torso twist, JJ in cadence 

The Thang

Rucking Highway 66 & Reverse – Carrying weights!

First light pole, complete 1 rep, 2nd light pole complete 2 reps, continue until you get to pole #11 –Burpees w/ Renegade Row = 66 reps! 

Then Reverse Highway 66

Starting with 11, following light poles all the way down to 1 – Squat w/ Overhead Press = 66 reps!

Back to parking lot for more math, I mean exercising.

To the Pax surprise (note sarcasm), Q called Captain Thor – 1 full sit up : 4 American Hammers, all the way up to 10:40. It starts sucking around 7:28. 

COT: Google Chris Nikic. Goal: 1% better every day

Name O Rama