Warm up: Toy Soldiers, Good mornings, JJ, shoulder rolls, arm circles

The Thang:

Pax counted off and off we went holding weights, walking to Publix shopping center.  Stop at corner, complete 20 woodchops HC. Cross street, Two groups: Group 1 completes 7’s (weighted plank rows HC, squat +OH press) while holding weights, walking up/down hilly sidewalk a long way. Group 2 at the short wall to complete sets of the following: 5 of each – jumping jacks, dips, step ups until Group 1 is done. 


Once group 2 completed 7’s, Pax returned to parking lot, grabbed our canned goods for 3 minutes of arms – while holding cans:

palm rotations, front raises, and hillbillies. 

Pax piled canned goods in the middle for a quick photo, Name-o-rama, and COT

“What if we spent as much time imagining an ideal outcome as we do the worst case scenario?”