It’s finally Friday, and the final day of Granolathon (3 days in a row of Granola Qs).

Warm-Up: 10 Good Mornings, 10 Toy Soldiers, Run the Pickle

The Thang:  (shoutout to FiA Highland Creek for posting this fun workout)

Set up mats on one side of the lot, weights on the other. Do 20 reps of the 1st exercise then run, walk, skip, shuffle to the other side for 20 reps of the 2nd exercise. Continue for duration of song.

Song Exercise A Exercise B
Gonna Make You Sweat V Ups Half Burpees
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough Mountain Climbers High Knees
Burn Plie Squats w/ Calf Raise Front/Lateral Raise
Shake Ya Tailfeather Monkey Humpers Butt Kickers
Jump Around Jumping Jacks OH Press
Opposites Attract Tricep Dips/Tricep Extension Bicep Curls
Push It Push Ups Halleluiahs
Cotton Eye Joe Ankle Biters Curb Taps
Kickstart My Heart Lunge Kick Glute Bridge
Fighter Jump Rope Weighted Punches