Disclaimer was given as we circled up for warmup. There were six of us that braved the roads—though they were relatively dry so no one had any issues getting to book drop!

Warm up: 20 JJ IC into good mornings. Down to 10 mountain climbers IC into runners stretch with twists. Up to low squat stretching inner thighs and low back. With a slow roll up into arm circles.

The thang: 4 Corners

This variation of four corners had three rounds. Each round was completed twice to make it all the way to the top of the deck. Start with first exercise in corner one, do exercises 1 & 2 in corner two, and so on.

Levels 2/3: sets of 10–squats, push-ups, low plank knees to chest, burpees.

Levels 4/5: sets of 20—calf raises (alternate foot position in each corner and do 20 each leg in corner 4), shoulder taps EC, standing abs low squat reaching hand to ankle HC, burpees!

Levels 6/7: 10,15,20,25–donkey kicks, dry docks, Jack knives, wall jumps (pick a spot on the wall and jump up and try to touch it!). We actually only did this round once bc of time and we made it to the top of the deck!

On the way down the stairs we stopped on each floor to do one of the following for 30 seconds: wall sit, handstand, plank, and hallelujahs.

Circled up for name-a-rama! Thanks for joining me, laughing (and groaning) through 60 burpees and telling us all about your Hawaii trip (SUP!). It’s always so sweet to begin my day with such great company!

Mary Lou