Warm – -up

The Thang = 2 rounds of four corners in 7’s format

Pack was split into four groups.   Each group did two exercises at a corner in 7’s format.   Then ran the small stairs before moving to the next station.

Round 1:

Corner 1 = Step ups (EC) and Triceps Dips

Corner 2 = Monkey Humpers/ push ups

Corner 3 = Heels to Heaven / BGSU

Corner 4 = Peter Parkers (HC) / Skaters (HC)

Round 2:

Corner 1 = Shoulder taps (HC) / Chair squat

Corner 2= Hallelujahs / Split Squat (HC)

Corner 3= Bridge / Bicycles (HC)

Corner 4 = Smurf Jacks / Carolina Dry Docks

***LA Freeway up and down Academy street to see the lights in between rounds of four corners**