5 PAX joined me on the only shaded part of the Davis Drive Soccer field.   Our normal basketball court/shelter were taken up.. I suspect this will happen more often in the summer.

After the disclaimer, we got started with a bunch of warmup stretches ..then it was time to get started.

The Thang:

4 circuits 40/20  – working lateral and forward/back movements

1) Slow JJ – tap R/L

2) Plank – tap foot R/L

3) Lunge

4) Bear – step back to plank and back


1) JJ

2) Plank Jack

3) Lunge Jump

4) Bear Jack


1) fast feet – out/out in /in

2) Mountain Climber


4) Bear/plank


1) Heisman

2) Plank walk ( 4 right and left)

3) walking lunge

4) Bear crawl ( 4 forward and back)

Bonus: Put it all together

  1) Plank walk right – 4 JJ

  2) Bear Crawl back – 4JJ

  3) Plank walk left – 4JJ

  4) bear crawl up – 4JJ

Repeat bonus but replace JJ with Lunge Jump HC

Next on to a quick but painful glute circuit.   30 sec each , x2 R then L

  1. glute bridge
  2. single leg bridge   3 pulse/ down
  3. rest
  4. reverse table – one leg straight . other foot rolls from heel to toe.

Then mosey over to the stairs..

-Top of stairs – Grab a weight – 5 single arm snatches  5 HC.

 -run through parking lot around to bottom of stairs .

-10 Pushups

-run up stairs.

repeat 3 x.

not enough time to repeat in opposite direction ( down stairs up hill)

We ended with a few stretches , a loud and positive COT and Name-o-rama.

 I am enough.

I am smart.

I attract positivity.

I am confident.

I attract opportunity.

I am kind.

I am worthy of good things!

Thanks for joining!