The promise of warmer weather did not greet us this morning as it was still mid thirties with a real feel of low thirties. But that’s nothing a few burpees couldn’t remedy!

We started off with the disclaimer for workout and Covid then warmed up with a few jumping jacks, good mornings, stretches, etc. Then I explained what was about to go down. The final countdown.

Thang: 7s, a beast, triple nickel, four corners and a Dora!

We did our 7s in the parking deck. Legit burpees and burpees with 4 mountain climbers.

We moseyed to the fountain for a modified beast—it was all about squats. Each stop we did 6 reps of a different squat: regular, right split squat, left split squat, squat jumps (not to be confused with squat jacks!), imperial squat walkers and Dorothy squats!

We headed back to the stairs beside the library for a triple nickel of dips at the bottom and v-ups at the top.

Four corners were next and we made our box around the entire library stopping at each corner to do 20 reps of different push ups: regular, gator right, gator left, and dry docks.

Last up we headed back to the deck for a Dora: Superman Y-WS, donkey kicks (not to be confused with angry donkey kicks), and ankle biters (which I learned I am by far the slowest at of anyone in the group!).

That brought us right up to 6:43 so we stretched for 2 minutes, name-a-Rama and snapped a photo!

Thanks for joining me ladies!

Mary Lou