This morning the PAX took a field trip to a familiar location, Apex Community Park! We met under the shelter and warmed up (I don’t remember exactly what we did).


The Thang

We had 6 stations. One station was counted, and the PAX at the other stations worked until the count was reached. Then we rotated stations. We did three rounds of this, running the pickle in between rounds.

Round 1 (Legs):

Stations: 50 squats, AMRAP: wall sit, jump squats, glute bridges, RDLs, Bulgarian split squats

Round 2 (Arms):

Stations: 50 push-ups, AMRAP: plank hold, bent over rows, skull crushers, shoulder press, bicep curls

Round 3 (Core):

Stations: 50 Big Girls Sit Ups, AMRAP: hollow hold, mountain climbers, ankle biters, wood choppers, heels to heaven.

This took us to 8:50 and we ended a few minutes early so we could be out of the shelter for the event starting at 9! Thanks for joining me this morning ladies!

“Nothing great is ever achieved without much enduring” -St. Catherine of Siena